Beatriz Jardinha is our newest addition the jewelry counter. Direct from Lisbon, Portugal,

Beatriz' namesake label fuses ancient and rudimentary craftsmanship techniques with ethereal design concepts. Highlights include: an oversized spiral hoop with a horse icon and galactic motifs, a hand sculpted all-seeing-eye earring with drop pearls and a jeweled charm necklace with mix match pendants.

Explore the collection also at our store at The Standard Miami Beach open daily through June 30th.

Beatriz Jardinha - Celine Hoops Earrings Gold


Beatriz Jardinha - Constance Necklace Silver


Beatriz Jardinha - Dana Earrings Silver


Beatriz Jardinha - Isadora Earrings Gold


Beatriz Jardinha - Rainha Earrings Silver


Beatriz Jardinha - Isadora Earrings Silver


Beatriz Jardinha - Theo Earring Silver