Estudio Vernís - Escudella - Brown


Handbuilt deep platter perfect for serving and sharing food. Made by hand at Estudio Vernís’ studio and fired with pine wood in their backyard. Each piece is unique.

Estudio Vernís is a workshop that celebrates craft and the unexpectedness of clay and wood-firing. Every piece is made individually, by hand, in their studio in Castell de Castells. Timeless, lasting, and ever-evolving ceramics designed to be functional and honest.

Due to the artesian nature of the making process, the pieces’ finish is beautifully unpredictable from batch to batch. These variations are embraced and what make these pieces one of a kind. As such, please expect slight variations in size/form/glaze from the pictured piece.

  • MATERIAL stoneware
  • GLAZE balk
  • SIZE  38 cm x 5 cm
  • TECHNIQUE pinching
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