Mafia Mix Vol.12 is here and this time we had local dj darling Steffi Fox curate the tunes!

We invited Steffi over for conversation and photos by Loamis at our showroom wearing Style Mafia. 

Check out the snaps, interview and mix here!




SM: Tell us about your style. Does your regular style differ from your "Steffi Fox" style.

SF: Most of the time, I dress for my current mood. If I'm feeling relaxed, I'll wear my day-to-day outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. If I'm excited for an event or trying to make a good impression, I'll dress it up with something more stylish. That kind of philosophy basically follows me whether I'm playing a gig or not. 

SM: Where can we find you playing in Miami?

SF: You can find me at Bardot (which I consider my second home) or The Thompson Hotel in Miami Beach. I spin events at other locations too, but those are two spots you can find me most often. 

SM: Who do you love?

SF: Who do I love musically? I'm currently in love with FKJ. He's this funky French producer with dreads, who unknowingly has the key to my heart. I may or may not have bugged a few people to book him down here in Miami during the summer. I also really love Anna Lunoe. She's kind of an inspiration in terms of where she is in musical career and how she presents herself to the public. She has such a cool personality. Plus, homegirl knows how to mix tracks. It's impressive. 

SM: Where are you from?

SF: I'm originally from Los Angeles, CA. I moved to Miami almost 4 years ago for college, and I love it here. I try to visit L.A. as much as possible though. 

SM: How did you come up with your DJ name?

SF: Well, coming up with a good DJ name was actually really difficult. I had a couple of ideas that I would bounce off my friends, and eventually I just settled on Steffi Fox. Basically, my favorite animal is the fox, and Steffi is short for Stefania. Also, it has a good flow to it.