Tigra Tigra - Quilted Wave Trousers

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Tigra Tigra hand-quilted silk mashroo snap trousers. Lightly padded with cotton batting. Metal snaps along the leg.

Elastic waist with drawstring tied. Raw edges.

60% silk 40% cotton. Made entirely in Gujarat, India. Textile is woven on pit looms in Old Patan in a century old weaving house, quilt and embroidery work is done by our women’s cooperative partner in Ahmedabad.

Mashroo was created to conform to the tenets of Islam which forbade silk to touch the skin. Weavers developed a fabric with a silk warp and cotton weft, whereas the cotton laid beneath and grazed the skin, while the silk floated on top. This enabled the ruling Islamic nobility to flaunt and wear the luxurious sheen of silk without breaking religious law. Mashroo became a widely popular export to the Ottoman Empire. In Patan, wealthy Hindu merchants and traders also took a liking to this fabric and increased its intrinsic value and the inclusion of certain typical motifs, colors and tie-dye.

*inconsistencies in color and texture of mashroo is to be expected due to the hand-woven nature


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