Tigra Tigra - Clamp Dye Serpentine Dress

$888.00 $444.00

Hand-clamp dyed in Kachchh by master artisans in the Khatri family. Dress features wood asymmetrical button fastening along the body. Each pieces varies slightly in color (pink to teal) and dye style.

  • Model is wearing a small.
  • Fit runs true to size.
  • 100% Silk.

About Tigra Tigra

TIGRA TIGRA is a textile and garment studio. All of our textiles are made using low-impact and culturally traditional textile techniques - some dating back to the Ottoman Empire. We partner with master artisans in Gujarat, India and utilize hand-looming, hand-embroidery and dyeing techniques.

None of our textile production requires electricity, as all of our textiles are made using hand-powered looms.


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